Terms and Conditions

The core values that our business is centred around are safety, respect and enjoyment.  Act safely and respectfully and we know that your trip with Sea Fury Charters will be an enjoyable one.

Our terms and conditions have been written with a view to keeping our clients informed, safe, comfortable and happy so that we can all go to sea and have a good time.

It is the responsibility of the charter organiser to advise all members of their party of our terms and conditions.
Payment is deemed as acknowledgement and agreement to all terms and conditions by all members of the charter group.

Safety, Respect and Enjoyment 

1. We ask that you respect the vessel, its facilities and crew.
2. All clients are required to comply with any directions given by the skipper or crew for the safety of the vessel and comfort of other passengers. Wilful non-compliance with such directions may result in an immediate return to the nearest port or the departure point without refund.
3. Each child is to be actively supervised by an adult (over 20 years) at all times.
4. Sea Fury Charters and any employee thereof are not responsible for any personal loss, injury or illness incurred by passengers while on board the vessel.
5. Clients are fully liable for any damage they may cause to the vessel.
6. There are strict procedures when using firearms for clay target shooting. Please follow the instructions of the crew and ask any questions you may have.
7. Photos and video taken aboard Sea Fury may be used for advertising purposes. 


1. All prices include GST.
2. Bookings and dates will only be confirmed upon receipt of a deposit of 25% of the quoted trip price.
3. A non-confirmed booking may be booked over by another party.
4. The remaining cost of the trip must be paid in full before departure.
5. Preferred payment method is Direct Credit. 

Account Number: 02-0261-0052060-001
Account Name: Sea Fury Charters Limited
Bank: BNZ, St Heliers branch
Reference: invoice number 

6. Arrangement can be made for payment by Visa or Mastercard (2% surcharge applies).
7. Clients are required to be at the departure jetty at least 15 minutes prior to the allocated time of departure.
8. Sea Fury Charters reserves the right to change any advertised price without notice. ​

Cancellations and Refunds 

1. We endeavour to always be flexible, to cater to your requirements and to accommodate a change of date if at all possible. However, once your deposit is received and a trip is booked for you, all other enquiries for that date are turned down. It is a loss to our business if you later cancel. Please choose your trip date with care to avoid needing to cancel your booking. 

a. If YOU cancel 30 days or more before your trip, we will fully refund your deposit. 

b. If YOU cancel less than 30 days before your trip, we will do our absolute best to rebook you on another suitable date arranged by mutual agreement. If there are no suitable dates available, we will refund your deposit less a $250 cancellation fee. 

c. If a trip is called off by Sea Fury Charters due to adverse weather or mechanical issues, we will try to rebook you on another suitable date arranged by mutual agreement. If there are no suitable dates available, your deposit will be fully refunded. 

d. Unfortunately there may be occasions due to sudden unexpected changes in weather conditions or mechanical issues that may force us to shorten a trip while in progress. If this occurs, we will refund a proportion of the cost of the trip based on the remaining trip time. ​​​​

Use of our Fishing Equipment

1. Clients are expected to show due care for our fishing equipment, and follow directions of the crew for its best operation. 
​​2. Clients are fully liable for any damage or loss of equipment due to misuse or carelessness.

Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs

1. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas. We ask that you be considerate of non-smoking passengers and crew by standing downwind of other people where possible.
2. Cigarette butts are to be disposed of in the container provided – not thrown overboard.
3​​. Safety is our number one priority and we take it very seriously. Intoxication will not be tolerated. We will not permit a person to board our vessel if we believe the person to be affected by drugs or alcohol such that they may be a hazard to themselves or others. ​​
4. A reasonable amount of alcohol is permitted to come on board. The skipper may require that excess be left behind.​
5. All beer is to be in cans. Absolutely NO glass beer bottles. 
​​​​6. On each trip, the Skipper will monitor the situation regarding the consumption of alcohol by clients. If we feel safety is compromised, we reserve the right to terminate any trip with no refund due – and/or to safely remove any affecting passenger(s) wherever we see suitable. 
​​​​7. Illegal drugs are not permitted. ​

Personal Effects and Medical 

1. All personal gear brought on board is the responsibility of the client. Please make sure that you have adequate insurance for such items if required. Sea Fury Charters will make no compensation for any items lost or damaged whatsoever. 
​​2. Passengers with medical conditions that may be relevant during an emergency are encouraged to advise the skipper or crew. 
3. Notwithstanding anything else expressed or implied in these terms and except where a statute requires otherwise, Sea Fury Charters shall not be liable whether in contract, tort or otherwise for: 

​​a. Any injury to persona or damage to property; or

​​b. Any direct, indirect, consequential, financial or economic loss or damage to property. ​

Fishing, Philosophy and Catch 

1. Please follow the crew’s instructions regarding fishing methods on the back deck. Large groups may need to alternate turns to avoid tangles / cut offs. 
​​2. We love fishing and we want to preserve the enjoyment of fishing for future generations. We support and practice sustainable and responsible fishing and we encourage catch and release on our charters. 
​​3. Clients are required to comply with the fishing regulations administered by government agencies. 
​​4. Limit the catch, not catch the limit. 

​​a. Minimum size for snapper is 30cm.

​​b. One kingfish per person may be kept. 

​​c. One hapuka per person may be kept. 

​​d. Three kahawai per person may be kept.​​

5. We try to send people home with the fish that they personally caught.

We thank you in advance for respecting these terms and conditions and adhering to the instructions of the skipper and crew on board the vessel.​​​​​​​​